‘F.A.T. GOLD’: five years of internet thug life and hijacked pop culture


“Release early, often, and with rap music” is the motto of the Free Art & Technology Lab, aka F.A.T., an internet-based collective of culture-jamming jokesters that has been mashing memes, art, and activism online since 2007. And it does a pretty decent job describing what they do.

On display at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York City, the group’s five-year retrospective F.A.T. GOLD is a kind of graffiti art carnival that only the internet could produce: costume shop gold chains are adorned with iPhone bling, a wall is plastered with the digitally battered-and-bruised face of Mark Zuckerberg, and a seated dummy is covered in yarn stretched from its head to the recognizable outline of a laptop computer.

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