20 Free UI Templates for Sketch.app

Sketch.app has become very popular recently. Even though it is available only for the Mac, it is already being termed as a Photoshop and Fireworks killer. If you were looking for some good weapons to add to your Sketch.app arsenal, you have come to the right place!

Today, we bring you a collection of wonderful UI templates, including icon sets, iOS templates, wireframe UIs and mockups.

UI Kits

Fresh UI Kit

Fresh UI Kit Sketch.app Template

Fresh UI KitDownload Page

YAUI DemiFLAT by Rodolfo Novak

YAUI DemiFLAT Sketch.app Template

YAUI DemiFLAT Download Page

WIRED – A Wireframe Kit for sketch.app

WIRED - A Wireframe Kit Sketch.app Template

WIRED Download Page

Shapes for Sketch

Shapes for Sketch - A Wireframe Kit Sketch.app Template

Shapes for Sketch Download Page

Mobile UI Kits

iOS 6 UI Kit

iOS 6 UI Kit Sketch.app Template

iOS 6 UI Kit Download Page

iPhone Wireframe UI Set by Anthony Aubertin

iPhone Wireframe UI Set Sketch.app Template

iPhone Wireframe UI Set Download Page

Android 4.2 UI Kit by Nils Keesmekers

Android 4.2 UI Kit Sketch.app Template

Android 4.2 UI Kit Download Page

Fully Scaleable Apple iOS Devices by Robbie Pearce

Fully Scaleable Apple iOS Devices Sketch.app Template

iOS Devices Download Page

iOS 6 Template by Zander Brade

iOS 6 Template Sketch.app Template

iOS 6 Template Download Page

iOS UI Resource File by Marcelo Marfil

iOS UI Resource File Sketch.app Template

iOS UI Resource File Download Page

Kipppppt iOS Template by Fabio Basile

Kipppppt iOS Template Sketch.app Template

Kipppppt iOS Template Download Page

Mobile Mockups

Flat iPhone Mockup by Gavin Anthony

Flat iPhone Mockup Sketch.app Template

Flat iPhone Mockup Download Page

Minimal iPhone Template by Meng To

Minimal iPhone Template Sketch.app Template

Minimal iPhone Template Download Page

Icon Sets

Sketchapp Icon Set by Luc Chaffard

Sketchapp Icon Set Sketch.app Template

Created from the icon sets designed by Victor Erixon and Roman Bulah.

Sketchapp Icon Set Download Page

Vector Based Social Icons by Neil Hainsworth

Vector Based Social Icons Sketch.app Template

Vector Based Social Icons Download Page

Browser Window UI

Vector Safari Window by Benjamin De Cock

Vector Safari Window Sketch.app Template

Vector Safari Window Download Page

Sketch Simple Browser UI by Diego Jiménez

Sketch Simple Browser UI Sketch.app Template

Sketch Simple Browser UI Download Page

Mini Mountain Lion GUI by Zander Brade

Mini Mountain Lion GUI Sketch.app Template

Mini Mountain Lion GUI Download Page

Mac OSX UI Kit by Ivo Mynttinen

Mac OSX UI Kit Sketch.app Template

Mac OSX UI Kit Download Page

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