Fantastic Examples of Corporate Identity Inspiration

Designing for a corporate company can prove to be a challenge, especially when you are trying to find the perfect balance between professionalism and creativity. This collection of Corporate Identity Inspiration should hopefully help you on your way. Below we have compiled 3 different projects that have been created by 3 different designers for, you guessed it, 3 different companies.  The first features a fantastic project by Julian Hrankov for 'IM NU', a company that produces a substitute for coffee. In this project Julian has redesigned their current look and packaging using beautiful colors, shapes and typography. Alongside great execution and choice of materials.  This next project is by designer and art director Bureau Rabensteiner, and was designed for Rep and Photographer N.Daniels. The great thing about this particular identity project apart from its fantastic use of white space is that various elements are thermal sensitive. As shown below, when you apply heat to the black surfaces using either your hands or various objects, you quite literally create your own images as you watch the black turn white. What a fantastic idea for a company within the photography industry.  The next project is a collaborative effort between design agency Arenas Lab and designer Irina Shoya for a business advisory company called Confideri. The solutions that have been created for Confideri are fantastic, and boast the perfect mix between professionalism and creativeness. As business evolves on a more personal level where personality is at the forefront, companies are taking a more 'daring' approach when it comes to branding themselves and it is design like this that lead the way. 

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