This Week in Fonts

A no-nonsense sans from Lineto, a layered type system by Latinotype, a charming hand made face from Voltage LTD, delicate and flowing curves courtesy of Typesenses, a contemporary sans by VirusFonts, a classic titling serif from Domahoka, a Swiss inspired sans by Wordshape, and a modern sans from Nootype.

Lineto: LL Circular

Designed by Laurenz Brunner

Strikes a balance between conceptual rigour, skilled workmanship and measured idiosyncrasy, resulting in a no-nonsense sans-serif text font with unmistakable character yet universal appeal.

Latinotype: Trend Hand Made

Designed by Daniel Hernández & Paula Nazal Selaive

A typeface made of layers — Trend is trending.

Voltage LTD: Oaf

Designed by Ray Fenwick

Painted on a wall by an eccentric Canadian with a paint roller. The result is an unusual combination of straight, evenly weighted strokes and rough, handmade charm.

Typesenses: Wishes Script

Designed by Sabrina Mariela Lopez

Wishes Script offers a complete range of possibilities: frames, ribbons, hearts, flowers, ornaments, swashes, endings, ligatures and all the alternates you need.

VirusFonts: Doctrine Sans

Designed by Jonathan Abbott, Jonathan Barnbrook, and Julián Moncada

A contemporary sans-serif typeface with an agreeable character, Doctrine Sans is the moderate comrade of the display typeface Doctrine Stencil. By blending elements of twentieth-century neo-grotesque, humanist and geometric styles, Doctrine is at once universal and idiosyncratic.

Domahoka: Uchronia

Designed by Mark Ho-Kane

A classic serif titling face ideal for setting at large sizes; slightly condensed, light, with a very fine weight on its thinnest strokes.

Wordshape: Vaud

Designed by Ian Lynam

A family of 40 weights of neutral, yet formally nuanced grotesk typefaces that takes inspiration from Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers and the original metal types from Switzerland, yet had a slightly larger x-height for more pronounced legibility.

Nootype: Selfica

Designed by Nico Inosanto

The sans-serif version of Selfico, designed by Nico Inosanto in 2013.

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This Week in Fonts

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