Acorn 4 flies through image editing with new filter UI, improved speed, and curves


Adobe Photoshop, the gold standard in image editing for print and the web, retails for $ 699. If you’ve ever needed to edit images on OS X only to balk at Adobe’s industry-leading price tag, chances are good that you’ve bumped into Flying Meat’s Acorn, “the image editor for humans” according to creator Gus Mueller. Today, Flying Meat is releasing Acorn 4, the first major update for the product since 2011, and even if you’ve given the $ 49.99 editor a good look in the past, you’d be well advised to pull up a chair, grab some images, and check out what’s taken Mueller — the sole developer behind Acorn — the past two years to build.

Acorn 4 is faster, and by a lot

First things first: Acorn 4 is faster, and by a lot. Many…

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