Tiptop – A Portable, Bluetooth-Enabled Speaker

When we think about speakers, we imagine huge, bulky, unsightly speakers. Now, what do you think of a speaker that is portable and yet an integrated sound system all the same?

Three students from Stanford University have created and designed Tiptop speaker, a speaker that functions as a portable speaker and an integrated sound system.

Tiptop speaker is a bluetooth-enabled speaker, allowing it to work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. As soon as you take it out of the box, Tiptop is ready to be used. There are no wires or buttons involved here. You control the volume from your device.


The creators have taken the space factor into consideration while designing Tiptop. Instead of the regular atop a table, a cabinet or the floor, Tiptop is optimizing the unused space that you have in your home – the corner of your walls. It will fit perfectly on the corner of your walls, just mount it up there with the power of magnets.


Yes, the mount as built in magnets so you can stick Tiptop to it. Since the mount has magnets, you can even hang your keys there if you’re taking your Tiptop out with you for portable use.


Tiptop has Bluetooth 3.0 built in and a range of 30-feet. A rechargeable lithium ion-battery resides in the speaker, giving you up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge. Think of it as a smartphone device rather than speakers of yonder years. You can also charge it via micro USB, as well as transfer firmware.


The creators of Tiptop needs $ 215,000 to produce Tiptop on Kickstarter. You can be an owner of Tiptop by backing this project for $ 175 on Kickstater. As of now, Tiptop only ships within US.



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