Collections of Useful Photoshop Custom Shapes

Everyone offers you Photoshop brushes, textures and patterns, don’t they? Yes, we know. This is why today we decided to offer you something beyond mere brushes or textures and patterns.

Instead, we have put together some super-useful custom shapes for Photoshop. So go ahead, check them out, add them to your Photoshop collection, and feel free to employ these wonderful toolkits in your next big design project.

Butterfly Custom Shape

Crop Circle

Shape Collection

50s Custom Shapes Pack

CU Bracket Frame Shapes

Decor Shapes

Fashion Silhouettes Shapes

Hand an Foot Custom shape

Circles and Stars shape

Custom Shapes Vegetation

Feather Custom Shapes

Halloween Shapes

Heart Custom Shapes

Martial Arts Shapes

Nate’s Shapes

Pirate Custom Shapes

Public Signs Shapes

Red Faction Guerrilla Shapes

Custom Shape Set

Custom Shapes for Photoshop

Hand Drawn Social Networking Custom Shapes

Social Networking Logo Custom Shapes

Splat Shapes

Splats n Drips

Stock Girls Shapes

Summer Time Shapes

Sunburst Shapes

The Edge Shapes

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