Olympus announces PEN E-P5, a Micro Four Thirds camera with 1963 looks and 2013 specs


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — or fix it, and then undo it all 50 years later. That’s what Olympus is doing with the new PEN E-P5, the company’s latest Micro Four Thirds camera, which looks for all the world like the PEN F from 1963. That’s a good thing, too: the silver and black, metal and leather styling is beautiful, and the camera feels dense and sturdy like any good camera should. It actually looks a lot like the Fujifilm X100S without a viewfinder – again, a very good thing.

Its body may look decades old, but the E-P5 is one of Olympus’ more advanced mirrorless cameras. Much of its technology is taken from the (also beautiful) OM-D E-M5, like the five-axis stabilization system and blistering fast autofocus. The E-P5’s…

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