Lumia 920 vs. 925 vs. 928: Nokia’s flagship trifecta in pictures


Launched at today’s event in London, the aluminum-clad Lumia 925 is the third member of Nokia’s flagship 92x-series of Lumia devices. The Finnish company defines all three handsets in the group — the eight-month-old 920, the recently unveiled 928 for Verizon, and the utterly new 925 — as flagship models, though each represents a subtly different set of priorities. The Lumia 928, for example, is built around the tagline of “own the night,” and consequently includes a xenon flash and an emphasis on audio recording.

The slimline 925 is framed by an aluminum shell that acts both as its antenna and as a structural support, but that thinner profile also means it misses out on the integrated wireless charging that the other two handsets…

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