This Week in Fonts

A deco style numbers font from Joshua Mayfield, a calligraphic text family by District, a ligature packed display face from Nootype, a contemporary stencil by Atlas Font Foundry, a family of contradictions from Typotheque, a flexible gothic digitized for the first time by Hamilton Wood Type, and a single face with 9 fonts within from DSType.

Joshua Mayfield: Roloi

Designed by Joshua Mayfield

Originally inspired by the numerals on a vintage clock face, Roloi is a layered numbers font in the deco lettering style, and includes a full set of automatic clock symbols.

District: Fair Sans Text

Designed by Galen Lawson

The natural follow-up to the popular Fair Sans — now a text family based on the calligraphic structure and casual construction of its predecessor.

Nootype: Fitigraf

Designed by Nico Inosanto

Fitigraf is a mix between a classical serif font and graffiti street art.

Atlas Font Foundry: Heimat Stencil

Designed by Christoph Dunst

Heimat Stencil is the monospaced typeface family within the Heimat Collection, also containing Heimat Sans and Heimat Mono.

Typotheque: The Lumin Family

Designed by Nikola Djurek

The Lumin Family includes slab-serif, sans-serif, condensed and display typefaces, all of which play with the idea of contradiction.

Hamilton Wood Type Foundry: HWT Unit Gothic

Designed by James Todd

The Unit Gothic series was originally released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. in 1907. This set of 7 fonts was designed to aid in press room efficiency and its incremental variation in widths gave poster printers unprecedented flexibility in fitting copy while using consistently harmonious fonts.

DSType: Diversa

Designed by Dino dos Santos & Pedro Leal

Diversa is a typeface that takes a very different path from the most fonts, both in terms of appearance and usability. Diversa is a single typeface with 9 fonts within, containing 2760 glyphs, divide in 9 stylistic sets.

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This Week in Fonts

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