jQuery Hotshot Giveaway – Winners Announced

Last weeks jQuery Hotshot giveaway ended on Friday and it is now time to announce the winners. Here they are:

Congratulations to our winners. Packt will be in touch with you over the next few days with your prize.

Name: Nash Vail
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Name: EddieS
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Name: Ron Huppert
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About the Book “jQuery Hotshot”

jQuery Hotshot walks you step by step through 10 projects designed to familiarise you with the jQuery library and related technologies. Each project focuses on a particular subject or section of the API, but also looks at something related, like jQuery’s official templates, or an HTML5 feature like localStorage. Build your knowledge of jQuery and related technologies.

Learn a large swathe of the API, up to and including jQuery 1.9, by completing the ten individual projects covered in the book.

Some of the projects that you’ll work through over the course of this book include a drag-and-drop puzzle game, a browser extension, a multi-file drag-and-drop uploader, an infinite scroller, a sortable table, and a heat map.

Learn which jQuery methods and techniques to use in which situations with jQuery Hotshots.

You can download a sample chapter here: Chapter 3 – “An Interactive Google Map”.

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