What’s in the cube? Peter Molyneux reveals the end of ‘Curiosity,’ making the winner a ‘digital god’


“After 25 billion cubelets have been destroyed, over 150 days… we have reached the end,” Peter Molyneux says in a video that was first revealed to the winner of his experimental game, Curiosity. “How can anything be worth all that effort?”

Curiosity – what’s inside the cube, a game about a secret inside a gigantic digital cube, has come to an end — and the secret is how the developer’s next game, Godus, will operate. Appearing to speak from inside the center of the game’s digital cube, Molyneux says that the winner of Curiosity will literally become the ruler of Godus, determining the game’s rules and sharing in its success. “You will decide on how many people play a game,” Molyneux says to the winner. “You will accrue riches from…

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