The New Vibrant Avatars from Flickr

If you have’t already noticed, Flickr has recently underwent a major redesign. Among other things such as a terabyte of disk space and a new and inspired user interface, Flickr has also recreated one of those tiny details that are generally forgotten or dismissed by others – we are of course talking about the often ignored avatar.

With the new design, Flickr ‘retired’ their old ‘Howdy’ avatar, and commissioned visual designer Charis Tsevis to create a series of vibrant avatars that would reflect the Flickr community and product.

The attention to detail from Charis is phenomenal, just have a look at these:

Retro Camera

Retro Camera - Flickr Avatar

Twin-Lens Reflex Camera

Twin-Lens Reflex Camera - Flickr Avatar

Olympus-like DSLR Modern Camera

Olympus DSLR Modern Camera - Flickr Avatar

Smart Phone

Smart Phone - Flickr Avatar


Polaroid - Flickr Avatar

Canon-like DSLR Camera

 - Flickr Avatar

Nikon DSLR Camera

Nikon DSLR Camera - Flickr Avatar

Medium Format Camera (like the Hasselblad)

Medium Format Camera - Flickr Avatar

Fujifilm Point n’ Shoot

Fujifilm Point n' Shoot - Flickr Avatar

Leica Light Point n’ Shoot

Leica Light Point n' Shoot - Flickr Avatar

Sony Point n’ Shoot Camera

Sony Point n' Shoot Camera - Flickr Avatar

Nikon Compact SLR camera

 - Flickr Avatar

The Avatar Collection

The Avatar Collection - Flickr Avatar

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