Deal of the Week: Convert Photoshop Layers into CSS – only $19!

Designing a website these days sure is a lot easier than it used to be! Nowadays, you’ve got developers learning the ropes of Photoshop, as well as designers learning a bit of code. And with all sorts of shortcut-creating software, it’s gotten even easier and faster to put things together.

CSS Hat makes it super easy to design your websites in Photoshop and to code them in no time at all.

With CSS Hat you can quickly and incredibly easily turn your Photoshop layers into CSS. And with this Mighty Deal, you can turn the price into a bargain!

CSS Hat Highlights:

  • Simple and Crazy Fast
    With CSS Hat, you can instantly turn your Photoshop layer into CSS3 code. Then just copy the code from the plugin and paste it into your website’s code. It’s that easy!
  • Perfect for Template Creation
    If you create your own templates, CSS Hat was made for you! Think of the hours you’ll save on each small project by being able to instantly whip up the CSS Code for some of your mockup’s Photoshop layers!
  • CSS3 Preprocessor Support
    You can choose from SASS, LESS, or Stylus when generating your CSS code!
  • Multiple Photoshop Versions
    This awesome plugin works on everything from Photoshop CS4 up. That includes CS4, CS5 and CS6.
  • Customizable Output
    There’s a number of optional vendor prefixes or dimensions which you can use to get the maximum value for your code.
  • Mac and PC Compatible
    With your purchase of CSS Hat, you’ll get a 2 for 1 deal. Your license to use the plugin is tied to you, not your device. So you’re able to use it on more devices than you probably expected!


“These days I have been trying to spend less time in Photoshop and move to code faster. But whenever I do need to spend some time pushing things around, having CSS Hat there to quickly export the CSS of what I just did makes my life a lot easier. Saves me a ton of time.”Josh Brewer, principal designer at Twitter

“Seriously impressed with CSSHat. It has saved loads of dev time slicing buttons from PSDs to CSS3 on my current project.”Jack Barham, CSS Hat customer

“Amazing Czech startup CSS Hat has just saved us days of work! Spot on guys, cheers!”Open Brand, CSS Hat customer


CSS Hat normally sells for $ 29.99, but for a limited time only, you can get this fantastic plugin for just $ 19! Click the BUY button now to start generating CSS Code in a flash!

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