Digg Reader open to the public with web and iOS apps


It’s later than Betaworks promised, but Digg Reader has finally opened up to the public and the service is integrated into Digg’s iOS app too. Digg’s hotly-anticipated RSS reader has been in beta for about a week, after a development period of about three months. And the new reader, on both the web and iOS, is nothing if not minimal. That’s not a bad thing per se, but this is clearly a service that has plenty of evolution ahead of it.

As we noted in our hands-on with the beta release, the Digg Reader web app currently lacks the robust feature set of rivals such as Feedly or Newsblur. But, the service is simple, intuitive, and not set to be killed off anytime soon as Google Reader is as of July 1st. A Google account will be required to…

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