Tomás García Transforms Rolling Script Into Visual Poetry

Digital script superstar Alejandro Paul is one of those few type designers that truly understand how to promote their foundry and typefaces. Using a mix of social media and digital platforms like Behance, Pinterest, Tumblr, Dribbble, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and so on, he posts both under his own name and as Sudtipos to announce new releases, show his fonts in use, and communicate awards and other achievements. To that effect he often collaborates with other designers and artists to create inventive type specimens, elaborate promotional pieces and even trailer videos for his new type designs. A week ago a new video by Tomás García promoting Ale Paul’s latest release Rolling Pen was posted on Vimeo.

Underlight – Ale Paul meets Tomás García by Author’s Bay from Tomás García on Vimeo.

Underlight is a collaboration between Alejandro Paul and Tomás García, a piece of visual poetry presenting Rolling Pen. The entirely digital video was directed by Author’s Bay founder Tomás García, and rendered and animated by Martín Dasnoy at PepperMelon. Tomás’ approach to visualising Rolling Pen is inspired by the light emitted by neon, transformed into words. The neon lights create a narrative in the darkness. This is why the collection was coined Underlight – light is represented in neon form to underline something important. Tomás gave this concept form by selecting words that embody the eternal battle between darkness and light. He created five spaces with five different words written in Rolling Pen, narrating a concise concept.

On his website Tomás reveals the background story behind the project. He is personal friends with Ale Paul who had been bugging him for a while about visualising his new typeface in neon. Because Tomás wanted to distance himself from three-dimensional computer-generated imagery, he originally planned to film words rendered in real neon in combination with a contemporary dancer. After initial talks with a friend of a friend who is choreographer, this avenue was abandoned due to time constraints. Tomás concluded 3D was the most viable option after all and crafted a couple of 3D quick renders using library elements to see if Ale was interested in walking down this road. The solution was very well-received, and the images were eventually animated by the Peppermelon team – doing a styleframe and animating that styleframe are two completely different worlds. The final video is a visually lush collection of dreamy frames, set to music by Treeless Forest, the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer Tom Bonilla, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Fire, Breast, Silence, Forget, & Happiness
Fire as energy, Breasts as diversity in birth, Silence as in the silent individual, Forget as evolution given by forgetfulness and Happiness, not as a goal, or achievement, but as a result of our lives, where light or dark don’t particularly prevail.

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