Real Life Living Representations of Web Design Styles

Being a web designer means you have a tough job. Only the really determined ones make it big in this industry. Between coming up with a design idea, actually doing the work and interacting with those precious clients, designing sites is a real challenge. And besides those 3 steps, there is another less known reason why wannabes fail.

One crucial but not often talked about element in a web designer’s life is that first step when creating a design: gathering inspiration. It’s not enough to simply look at what other designers are doing. Really brilliant designers step it up. They ensure they are surrounded by inspiration.

Their living circumstances are a real-life representation of their design style.

Each designer has his own unique set of preferences, his own style for creating websites. Some like the modern, minimalistic look, others go for a more vintage or grunge style.

That’s why we’ve put together this post. Each of the Web Designer Houses below will appeal to a certain web design style. We’ve teamed up with the guys from Freshome to bring you this selection. They have a daily inspiring selection of apartments, villas and interior design elements, so choosing residences for each web designer wasn’t hard.

1. Grunge Style

Here’s a great example of brutal architecture mixed in with an awesome modern style coming from this veritable web designer loft in London. The high, grunge, “unedited” ceilings combined with unforgiving interior design details will have every hardcore, grunge web designer waking up to a rejuvenated, inspired self.

Resulting Designs:

2. Futuristic/Sci-Fi

One of the less utilised but very appealing design style is the futuristic one. We probably don’t see so many websites designed in this manner because of those (lovely) clients, who aren’t always interested in innovation. Nevertheless, this style addresses the Star Wars fan within each of us. This Madrid based Sci-Fi mansion is a place not only for a futuristic web designer, but for every IT nerd with a passion for Elon Musk’s SpaceX!

Resulting Designs:

3 Modern Abstract Style

Designers who work within the boundless area of abstract design often find themselves contained by conventional “housing procedures” (e.g. boring, normal houses). But not anymore. They now have the possiblity of owning this Wave House from Turkish designer Gunes Peksen. Its crashing wave design, all-white decor and spaceship-like interior will increase any abstract designer’s EP-APM (Effective Photoshop Actions Per Minute). Don’t bother to look that one up, I’ve made it up. I love coming up with performance indicator acronyms.

Resulting Designs:

4. Nature Syle

When it comes to designing websites which call upon Mother Earth, you need an open, natural living environment for inspiration. Preferably somewhere near a river or lake, with a forest nearby. That’s exactly what you get with this Lithuanian Nature Home. An awesome motive to design with an earth color palette in mind and use elements such as leaves and flowers.

Resulting Designs:

5. Paper Fanatic Style

Sometimes, the webdesign world finds itself at a crossroad. Either stop the innovation process constantly bubbling within or let go and accept the pioneers who take things further and further. I love web designers who vote for and act on the second option.
A “paper-fanatic” web designer would absolutely do that.

They are web designers who always use paper backgrounds, paper-like effects and usually create a newspaper feel to their sites.

Well, if you are one of those, you’ll be more than happy to take residence inside Don Lucho’s Casa de Karton. A house completely made from paper. And believe it or not, this one’s a bit cheaper than all the others. Just make sure you don’t twist and turn in your sleep. You might get paper cuts or fall through the floor on your downstairs neighbor’s coffee table.

Resulting Designs:

6. Vintage & Retro Style

Who wouldn’t love to travel back in time to see Edison’s experiments? Or even further back, for a little R&R in a Shakespearean Theatre. Vintage web designers appreciate adventures, and by living in this vintage project-apartment from Romania, their imaginary journeys would really come to life. Sadly, actually going on such a journey would also mean the end of their job, as the Internet wasn’t invented until a few decades ago. No worries, the brand-new, state-of-the-art Ford factories are always in need of workers for their up-and-coming Model T. I hear it’s gonna revolutionize the world of transportation.

Resulting Designs:

7. Typography Style

I understand the love for beautiful typography. I resonate deeply with it. From Grotesque to Roman typefaces, a typography-fan web designer will find this Real Estate Typography Project pretty funky. It’s basically an optic trick, by which you can read the text from only one position. Although we have yet to find a house which actually makes use of this anamorphic illusion, everything is not lost.

Now that you know it can be done, simply test it by trial-and-error in your current house! Make sure you have enough paint for the “error” part.

Resulting Designs:

That’s it then. No more excuses from now on. Good-bye creative blocks and monsters. You’ve now got the secret to always be inspired, the true Feng Shui of a designer: his house. Your living conditions reflect themselves in your work. But don’t be too hard on yourself if your current house doesn’t match your design style. You can easily fix that by moving into a designer house! I think a reinterpretation of Vicent van Gogh’s most famous quote paints the best picture here.

Here’s what he said:
“If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

And applied to designers today:
“If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot design’, then by all means move to another house (and stop hearing voices).”

So which house would you take from all those presented?

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