‘Community’ showrunner Dan Harmon promises to bring back the series’ glory days


After near-cancellation and a maligned fourth season without original showrunner Dan Harmon, Community will return next year with what Harmon hopes will be a clean slate. At a Comic-Con panel today, Harmon promised that the show will bounce back from its slump and said that he’s still angling hard for the requested six seasons, though he was fairly mum on a movie. “Nobody wants to not fail more than me at this point,” said Harmon, who is retaking the helm for Season 5. “This is a whole new thing. We have to reground, reestablish these characters, get back to the emotional basics, and then have the most fun we’ve ever had.”

Harmon admitted that there’s still no script for the new season’s premiere, and he spoke more in terms of tone than…

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