Point and shoot perfection: an evening with Sony’s RX100M2


I loved my Sony RX100. It was hands-down the most versatile camera I’d ever owned, because it afforded me 75 percent of the safety net of a good SLR — the knowledge that you’re going to be able to get the shot, no matter the environment — in a package just a fraction of the size.

And when you find a truly great camera, you tend to hold on to it for a few years. When Sony announced the RX100M2 last month, I expected a short list of uninspired improvements, little more than a minor facelift to boost sales for another holiday shopping season. Instead, I found a bunch of things I wanted: an even better sensor for low-light photography. Wi-Fi. A multi-function hot shoe.

So I bought it. Expect a full Verge review in the coming weeks,…

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