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With these 8 Train Simple courses, you’ll get the lowdown on everything you need to know to become a successful Web Designer! These are some of Train Simple’s most popular courses all geared towards giving you a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design and Converting your Photoshop files into HTML!

Courses Include:

  • HTML5 Fundamentals
  • HTML5 Structure and Semantics
  • CSS3 Fundamentals
  • CSS3 Box Model
  • CSS3 Typography
  • CSS3 Layouts
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Photoshop PSD to HTML

All 8 videos are available for download, so you can watch them online, offline or wherever your travels take you! They’re yours to keep for as long as you want them. No pesky expiration dates to stress you out! So go ahead and learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

About the Courses:

1. HTML5 Fundamentals

You can’t build a house without a frame, and you can’t build a website without HTML. No matter how far you want to go with your development, the core of any good site or Web application rests with HTML5 fundamentals.

Use Dreamweaver? No problem. Prefer going old-school and just like coding in Notepad? That’s fine too. However you prefer to write your HTML5 will work, as long as you follow the lessons. It’s not important what program you use to write your code; it is important how you write it. Follow the most up-to-date standards and before you know it, you’ll:

  • Create headings
  • Put lists together
  • Display tables
  • Add plug-in content (i.e. Flash) to your pages
  • Learn what Not to do as well

2. HTML5 Structure and Semantics

Maybe you already know HTML. Maybe you’ve never touched the stuff. Either way, HTML5 takes plain ol’ HTML to the umpteenth level. It offers some incredible features like native support for video and interactivity. Besides learning how to better use HTML5 to create much more meaningful and interesting Web pages, you’ll also learn how to properly structure the HTML on a page. HTML5 just loves a logical semantic based approach, and that’s exactly what you’ll digest from this lesson.

3. CSS3 Fundamentals

If HTML is the structure/frame of your house, then the CSS is the design. Cascading Style Sheets control the actual look and feel of your website. It’s a way to house all of your font styles and colors, background color, image borders, etc. This course will give you a solid understanding of CSS3 and how to deal with everythign from conflicting styles to inheritance within your code.

4. CSS3 Box Model

This lesson’s all about learning how to box. Put the gloves away for now, and save the uppercuts for another day. These boxes refer to the box model of CSS, where rectangular boxes are generated for elements on your web pages. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of how these boxes affect the elements on the page, as well as how they work with your backgrounds in terms of colors and images. And if you’ve still got some space compartmentalized in that head of yours, you’ll get the skinny on the 5 main properties of the box model. they’ll totally knock you out.

5. CSS3 Typography

CSS3 can’t exactly put words in your mouth, but it can make you a “word artist” if you learn how to master the right properties. After absorbing this lesson, you and CSS3 will be best buds in terms of modifying basic text, and even integrating the zillions of available Web fonts by using the @font-face declaration.

6. CSS3 Layouts

If you’re still grooving to our “house construction” metaphor, then you’ll like this one. You can become an architect with CSS3 ultimately being the blueprints to your website. Get through this lesson and basic page layout like floats and postioning will be yours to command. CSS3 Layouts gives you control over where to stick your content so it stays in the proper place on your browser.

7. JavaScript Fundamentals

Despite what some may think, JavaScript has nothing to do with creating a coffee compound. Sorry. But it can be used to create some really cool features and functionality on your site. A widely used programming language for the Web, this tutorial will give you a great basic knowledge of JavaScript including its syntax, declaring variables, writing functions and looping statements. Watch your Web design skills take a giant leap forward by soaking up this additional language.

8. Photoshop PSD to HTML

If you want to learn how to convert a design from an Adobe Photoshop file, into an HTML/CSS document, then this course is for you. This step-by-step course explains everything you need to know to get started. You should already be familiar with basic concepts of HTML & CSS. This course takes you through the process of converting a layout in Photoshop into a working HTML/CSS file that works consistently across all major web browsers.

Think you’ve got what it takes to pass these classes and graduate with honors? Lucky for you, there aren’t any grades, nor is attendance ever taken. Learn and relearn each lesson as many times as you need until you’ve mastered that element of Web Design. Before you know it, you’ll be moving on to create your own fully functional websites!

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