This Week in Fonts

A brush script from Sudtipos, a unicase face by Latinotype, a graceful script via Fairgoods, an optimized serif from Nootype, a plump display by Fontyou, a functional sans from The Northern Block, a strong family by Colophon, a modern rounded sans from Typedepot, another exotic face by Fontyou, and a delicate sans from Tipo Pèpel.

Sudtipos: Zulia

Designed by Joluvian & Alejandro Paul

Based on two calligraphic styles: italic and brush pen.

Latinotype: Grota

Designed by Eli Hernández & Daniel Hernández

Grota is grotesque, unicase and exceptional. A very expressive font inspired by hand lettering.

Fairgoods: Seashore

Designed by Alejandro Paul

A feminine, graceful script whose thicker horizontals create a wave-like rhythm. A Fairgoods Exclusive.

Nootype: Dorica

Designed by Nico Inosanto

A serif font family optimized for small sizes. It is very sober and simple, with a classic appearance at first sight but the curves and details like the serifs make it very different.

Fontyou: Squirrel FY

Designed by Franck Montferme & Gia Tran

A new plump typeface with fancy alternates.

The Northern Block: Kizo

Designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya

Functional, rational, utilitarian and subtle in its nature, Kizo is a geometric condensed sans-serif inspired by urban modernist architecture.

Colophon: Archive

Designed by Anthony Sheret & Edd Harrington

Archive’s strength and character lies in the feeling that it has already existed, or simply that it has been through a multiplication process prior to the viewer seeing it.

Typedepot: Centrale Sans Rounded

Designed by Alexander Nedelev & Veronika Slavova

The rounded addition to Centrale Sans family.

Fontyou: Kaili FY

Designed by Gregori Vincens, Bertrand Reguron, Gia Tran & Alisa Nowak

An exotic typeface with crazy ligatures.

Tipo Pèpel: Cinta

Designed by Josep Patau Bellart

A humanistic skeleton, dressed up with a hand-made mechanical suit.

Sponsored by H&FJ.

This Week in Fonts

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