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It’s frustrating being a web developer. See, it’s tough enough creating an amazingly awesome website, making sure everything looks and functions properly. But once you’re done with that, then comes the real annoying part.

You need to test it on multiple browsers and devices. Not to mention different versions for each browser. Why, it’s a full-time job just making sure all your code is fully browser compatible.

Before you start banging your head against the incompatibility wall, though, you’ll want to see this.

Not only do we have the perfect tool to make your life 1,000 times easier, but for a limited time only, it’s on sale through Mighty Deals for more than 50% off.

Meet BrowseEmAll, a web developer’s new best friend.

BrowseEmAll Highlights:
Easily Test Most Major Browsers:
With this Windows desktop application, you can quickly and easily test your website on any number of modern browsers. Check for compatibility with IE 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, Firefox 10-22, Chrome 24-29, and Safari 5.1 and 6.
Test Locally:
No need to worry about password protecting your site or sharing valuable login information with 3rd Party sites. You can test your websites hosted on your local network and even use RAW HTML files.
Side-By-Side Testing:
Want to see how different browsers display your site as compared to each other? You can select up to 4 different browsers and view them side by side in the application.
Mobile Device Simulator:
Curious if your site works on an iPhone, Droid or iPad? With the Professional version of BrowseEmAll, you find out for yourself. BrowseEmAll includes a number of simulators for mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones.
Generate Reports Automatically:
Looking at a screen is one thing. Getting cross-browser compatibility reports is another. You can easily pull these from BrowseEmAll, complete with full-page screenshots, and a detailed analysis of the HTML and CSS code.
Regular Updates:
BrowseEmAll is updated regularly to keep pace with the constantly updating browsers. It’s your choice to either manually update the app, or simply let it automatically take care of things for you.
Anything to improve browser compatibility testing has to be worth its weight in gold. With BrowseEmAll, you can keep your gold nuggets locked up. With 2 different licenses available, you can save over 50% on each: Get the Standard License for just $ 34, instead of the regular price of $ 69, OR choose the Professional License for just $ 57, instead of $ 119.

See the demo videos and click the BUY NOW button to choose your license 

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