Type Hunting, A Tumblr of Gorgeous Vintage Letters

Whether you need to rinse your eyes and brain from too many shiny beveled logos with gradients, or you are looking for inspiration for your next hipster logo design, Type Hunting is a real treat. This Tumblr collects images of old artifacts with letters on them, mostly old logos and brand marks. The name however is misleading – almost all the images show lettering, not type, but let’s not nitpick. Not that much different from any Flickr Group on the same subject, the images are gorgeous and a must-see for lovers of vintage design. A beautiful complement to Chromeography, Stephen Coles’ collection of metal logos, lettering, emblems, and badges affixed to vintage automobiles and electric appliances.


If you need to (re)create your own vintage-style logos, here are a few FontLists to get you going.

Connected Chrome Scripts
Vintage Advertising Scripts
Sports Scripts
The Bluemlein Collection

Arts & Crafts
Art Nouveau
Art Deco
Elegant Vintage Caps of the ’20s

Wide Engraved Serif Caps
Wide Grotesque
Skyline: Serif
Skyline: Sans

The FontShop FontFeed

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