New fonts of the week

Every day new fonts are released, let’s take a look at some of the best fonts published in the past seven days.


Athletico is a layered type family inspired by college and university sportswear lettering.


Walbaum Antiqua Pro

Walbaum Antiqua Pro is an RMU redesign of a German font classic, with three different number forms and small caps throughout all font styles.



A Slab Serif font family of five weights for headline and text use, with old style numerals and small caps.


Invitation Script

Invitation Script is a modern and clean revival of the classic work of the Portuguese master penman Manuel de Andrade de Figueiredo.


Exquise FY

Exquise FY, an elegant & distinguée 6 fonts family. With its round and elegant shapes, this new didone typeface is developed in six styles, including a “poster” weight.



There is nothing gloomy about Pusekatt font: it is a very lively, happy and useful poster face. It comes with extensive language support, one alternative (yes, one) and a lot of feline grace.


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