Acer Aspire S7 review (2013)

I’m at 38,000 feet, in seat 20B on a Delta flight from San Francisco to New York City. I’m next to a large man in a pink shirt and tortoiseshell Ray-Ban glasses, who could barely wait until 10,000 feet to reach underneath his seat and pull out his laptop. An HP laptop, black, I couldn’t tell what model. Clunky, fat, clearly past its prime. He pulls out a mouse next to it, and after about five minutes of wrangling finally finds space for everything on his tray table.

Next to him, I reach into my bag, slide the Acer Aspire S7 out of its beige felt case, and get to work.

The S7 is straight-up made for airplanes. It’s incredibly thin and light, with a hinge that opens to any angle you want and a screen that looks great from even the…

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