This Week in Fonts

A contemporary serif from Klim, a hand crafted family by Laura Worthington, a modern classic from Linotype, a transitional serif by Canada Type, a technical sans from The Northern Block, a handmade face by LeType, a humanistic sans from GarageFonts, and a beautiful script by Insigne.

Klim: Domaine

Designed by Kris Sowersby

Contemporary, curvaceous Latin detailing on a Scotch skeleton.

Laura Worthington: Charcuterie

Designed by Laura Worthington

A large and rare undertaking, Charcuterie is a family of ten distinct yet related typefaces, many of which have their own font families, and three decorative / ornamental typefaces.

Linotype: Metro Nova

Designed by Toshi Omagari & W.A. Dwiggins

The long awaited update of the 1929 modern classic by W.A. Dwiggins. Seven weights, from ultra thin to extra black, plus six condensed weights. Each has an italic counterpart for a total of 26 fonts.

Canada Type: Mauritius

Designed by Patrick Griffin, Kevin Allan King & Georg Trump

Ten years or so after his unique treatment of garalde design with Trump Mediaeval, Georg Trump took on the transitional genre with Mauritius, which was to be his last typeface.

The Northern Block: Gunar

Designed by Jonathan Hill

Precise curves are met with straight lines and tapered angles to produce a fresh, technical typeface.

LeType: Only You Sexy

Designed by Gabriel de Souza

Only You Sexy is handmade, stylish, modern and multilingual.

GarageFonts: Freight Neo Pro

A clean, friendly humanistic sans design with good contrast.

Insigne: Enocenta

Designed by Jeremy Dooley & Cecilia Marina Pezoa

A five weight script typeface that offers a variety of options for you to design beautiful things.

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This Week in Fonts

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