Royal Bandit Create Deliciously Quirky Titles For Reasons To Be Creative

I am just back from Reasons To Be Creative, John Davey a.k.a. Johnny Belmont’s spiffy conference in incredibly sunny Brighton. Before I return to The FontFeed’s regular publishing I would like to share the delightfully upbeat opening titles for this year’s event. The humorous and deliciously quirky sequence combines a mix of situations and techniques to introduce the speakers featured at the conference. It was created by the madly talented French Canadians Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel who joined forces as Royal Bandit. The music score that fits their wondrous visuals to a tee was composed and performed by their friends Like Elliot Did, a Casio folk duo, also from Montréal. Enjoy…

Opening Titles – 2013 – Royal Bandit from Reasons to be Creative on Vimeo.

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