10 Free UI Kits

It has been almost a year since we last talked about free UI kits. The wait is finally over, because today we have put together ten of the latest and greatest CSS UI kits.

Hope they are helpful. And if there are any CSS kits that we missed and you are aware of, be sure to mention them in the comments below!

New UI Kits


Pure CSS responsive UI kit

Pure, from Yahoo!, is a collection of small and responsive CSS modules that you can make use of in your projects. The entire set of modules is only 4.4KB (minified and gzipped).

You can read more about Pure here: Pure CSS from Yahoo!.

Pure →GitHub →

Almost Flat UI

Almost Flat CSS responsive UI kit

Almost Flat UI is a UI kit based on the Foundation Framework. It features various elements that you can employ in your next “flat” design project.

Almost Flat UI →

InK v.2 – Interface Kit

InK Interface CSS responsive UI kit

InK v.2 is a CSS3 kit that offers a fluid and responsive grid, common interface elements, interactive components and a ‘design-first’ approach which helps you accomplish quick and steady design prototyping.

InK v.2 →GitHub →


UIkit CSS responsive UI kit

UIkit is a light-weight and modular frontend framework that lets you develop fast and powerful web interfaces. It includes over 30 modular and extendible components, which can be combined with each other. UIkit also comes with a ‘customizer’, which allows you to create your own style for each component easily.

You can read more about UIkit here: A First Look at UIkit.

UIkit →GitHub →


Brick CSS responsive UI kit

Brought to you by Mozilla, Brick is a collection of re-usable UI web components for quickly and flexibly building mobile HTML5 apps. It provides minimal markup, cross-browser implementations and takes care of most of the under-the-hood boilerplate for you.

Brick →GitHub →


Bootflat CSS responsive UI kit

Bootflat is an open source flat UI kit based on Twitter Bootstrap that lets you create web apps rapidly and easily.

Bootflat →


Flatby CSS responsive UI kit

Flatby, as the name suggests, is a flat UI kit that you can implement in your web projects.

Flatby →Demo →

YAUI Kit v2 via Codepen

YAUI web CSS responsive UI kit

YAUI Kit, or Yet Another UI Kit, offers a collection of UI resources and elements for you to implement as per your needs.

YAUI Kit →Demo →

Metrostyle Web UI via Codepen

Metrostyle web CSS responsive UI kit

Metrostyle Web UI, just like the YAUI Kit v2 above, offers a collection of UI resources and elements for you to use and employ in your projects.

Metrostyle Web UI →Demo →

Flat UI Elements via Codepen

Flat UI elements CSS responsive UI kit

Flat UI Elements is a simple and no-hassle collection of, well, flat UI elements!

Flat UI Elements →

…and finally…

UI Kit Maker

Flat UI elements CSS responsive UI kit

UI Kit Maker, or UIKM, is a UI kit generator that can handle huge CSS components with ease. It lets you easily maintain CSS components and produce good quality code with not much effort.

UI Kit Maker →GitHub →

10 Free UI Kits

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