Five Presentations From Ampersand 2013 Available Online

It’s hard to believe Ampersand Conference is only three years old. Since its inaugural edition in 2011 the one-day web typography event has made a steep ascension in the world of typography conferences. This year it even already has its transatlantic counterpart in New York City, which is held in The TimesCenter on November 2nd (you can still save $ 100 if you register now). I attended the first edition – read my ridiculously exhaustive account here – and spoke at the second one. To my regret I couldn’t attend the third Ampersand in Brighton at the beginning of the Summer. But yay, Clearleft, the company of Ampersand organiser Richard Rutter, recently posted five presentations on its Vimeo channel. Anyone who could not be there can now enjoy the talks of Gerry Leonidas, Ben Terrett & Chris Heathcote, Kutlu Çanlıoğlu, Nina Stössinger, and Andy Hume. View them after the jump.

Gerry Leonidas on The Newest New Typography from Clearleft on Vimeo.

Ben Terrett & Chris Heathcote on Designing GOV.UK from Clearleft on Vimeo.

Kutlu Çanlıoğlu on Designing BBC World Service from Clearleft on Vimeo.

Nina Stössinger on Being Ernestine from Clearleft on Vimeo.

Andy Hume on Web Fonts as a Progressive Enhancement from Clearleft on Vimeo.

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