CSS Animation Tools & Tutorials

Animating with CSS may have some limits, but overall they do offer a number of advantages over animations that are powered by JS. Easier to work with and being hardware accelerated are just two of the key CSS advantages. Of course CSS powered animations do have some disadvantages, such as it being difficult to have complete control over them.

That is where this post comes in. We have put together a collection of CSS animation tools, frameworks and tutorials to help ease your woes.

CSS Animation Tools & Tutorials


Animate.css CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Animate.css is a collection of cross-browser CSS animations that you can use in your sliders, home pages, and other web projects.

Animate.css →GitHub →


Stylie CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Stylie is a web-based CSS3 animation tool that you can use to configure and generate your own set of animations.

Stylie →GitHub →


Anima CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

animo.js is a powerful tool for managing CSS animations. You can easily stack animations to fire one after another, specify callbacks for the completion of an animation, or simply fire animations on any event or at any moment you please.

animo.js →GitHub →


Anima CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

The lightweight (only 5k when gzipped) Anima lets you animate multiple objects at the same time, and each item can have it’s mass and viscosity to emulate real-life objects. It uses CSS transforms and 3d-transforms together with Javascript to create the animation.

Anima →GitHub →


Ceaser CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Ceaser is a simple CSS easing animation tool that you can easily employ in your projects.

Ceaser →


Tridiv CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Tridiv is a web-based editor that lets you create 3D shapes in CSS. It is cross-browser compatible, and you can also browse several online examples before you actually start using the editor.

Tridiv →

Magic CSS3 Animations

Magic CSS3 Animations CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Magic CSS3 Animations is an easy to use and fairly straightforward set of CSS3 animations. All the animations are fully cross-browser compatible.

Magic CSS3 Animations →GitHub →


Morf.js CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

Morf.js is a JavaScript work-around that lets you produce hardware-accelerated CSS3 transitions with custom effects.

Morf.js →GitHub →

CSS3 Keyframes Animation Generator

Keyframes Generator CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

The CSS3 Keyframes Animation Generator, as the name suggests, is an online tool that lets you create CSS3 keyframe animations.

CSS3 Keyframes Animation Generator →


The Effeckt library offers a multitude of UI-less animations and transitions that you can use in your web projects.

Effeckt.css →GitHub →

CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet CSS CSS3 animation transition resources tools

The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a set of pre-made CSS3 animations that you can use in your web projects by adding the stylesheet to your site and applying the pre-made CSS3 classes to the necessary elements.

CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet →

CSS Animation Tutorials

CSS Transitions, Transforms and Animation Tutorial
This website teaches you how to make use of CSS3 transitions, transforms and animations in your web projects. The tutorial is fairly simple and does not require an advanced level of working knowledge of CSS3.

Using CSS Animations
This tutorial serves as a primer to CSS animations. If you are looking for a place to start with CSS animations, this tutorial can be of great use for you.

Using CSS Transitions
Just like the above one, this tutorial too comes from the Mozilla Developer Network, even though this one teaches you how to work with CSS transitions.

4 Simple CSS3 Animation Tutorials
This resource is a collection of four CSS3 animation tutorials combined into one. You can learn how to use and work with functions such as scale(), translate(), rotate() and skew().

Animated CSS Effects with Fallbacks
This tutorial explains how to work with animated CSS effects. It was one of the most popular and most read articles on the erstwhile .net Magazine, and now you can access it on Creative Bloq.

Examples of Pseudo-Elements Animations and Transitions
This tutorial unravels the potential of CSS animations and transitions when working with pseudo-elements :before and :after.

Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3
This rather advanced tutorial explains how to create a 3D bar chart using CSS3 animations.

CSS Animation Tools & Tutorials

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