Seven of The Myriad Reasons Why You Should Read Works That Works

Besides attending the ATypI 2013 conference as a reporter/blogger, I conducted three short interviews for Talking Types, the podcast series by FontFont – more about them later. I was however also interviewed myself by Typotheque’s Peter Biľak, who produced a short video to promote his excellent magazine Works That Work. The video asks seven ATypI attendees why they read the magazine (the pay-off at the end is brilliant). It launches a new campaign where readers are invited to do the same to possibly receive a guest subscription. Because, as Peter explains it:

It’s the readers that define the magazine.

Why do you read WTW magazine? from Typotheque on Vimeo.

Before we started working on the first issue we spent a lot of time trying to define Works That Work magazine, its purpose, ideas, reasons for existing. You can read some of those thoughts in the Issue 1 editorial or in our early press releases. But now that we have published two issues, those words are more or less irrelevant; intents and speculations have been replaced by the magazine and its readers. We’ve asked people why they read WTW, and their answers reveal how the magazine is received and perceived by the people who make our project into a magazine.

I consistently recommend Works That Work to designer and non-designer alike. Because it’s that good. Now you too can tell why you read Works That Work. Send them a video message. Seriously.

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