Deal of the Week: 14 Gorgeous WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes for only $19!

Sometimes making a decision can be tough. Even when it’s something positive and fun, like selecting a new theme for your website. Maybe you’re not sure which direction to take things in visually. Or maybe you’d like to see how a theme works for a while before really sticking with it for good. That’s where owning a whole collection of 14 themes can sure come in handy.

This TeslaThemes WordPress Themes collection is quite the deal for you. You’ll get 14 WordPress themes, for almost 60% off!

  • 14 High-Quality Professional WordPress Themes
    With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you’ll get all 14 of Tesla Themes WordPress themes.
  • Great for Any Category
    Whether you’re purchasing this collection for your own site or for your clients’ sites, there’s such a wide range of topics that you’re bound to find something that works for anyone. Photography, travel, corporate, personal blog, portfolio, you name it.
  • Responsive Designs
    Besides adding a slick look to any website, these TeslaThemes WordPress themes are built on a responsive design. That means they’ll work on any device just fine, from a tablet to a smartphone to a laptop.
  • Built on the Tesla Framework
    Every theme in this collection is built on the powerful Tesla Framework. That means you’ll be able to integrate all sorts of great plugins and widgets into your site, based upon your requirements. Features include custom backgrounds, social sharing, custom logo, custom widgets, custom icons map and much more.

  • Easy to Customize
    With all of Tesla’s powerful customizational tools, you’d think things could get a bit confusing, wouldn’t you? Nope. Tesla’s easy-to-use admin tool let you change up the look, feel and functionality of your theme with just a few clicks. You don’t need to know a stitch of programming at all! You can even customize and manage all your theme settings from a single dedicated area.
  • Documents and Set-Up Guides
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you the full documentation and set-up guides for all of Tesla’s themes. The extensive documentation offers clear step-by-step directions for easily setting up and customizing your theme. You’ll get the rundown on everything you need to know about your theme including installation, feature rundown, settings, shortcodes, how to use the Tesla Framework and more.
  • Full-On Support
    Your TeslaThemes purchase also includes fantastic and professional technical support. Not only is there a comprehensive FAQ section available for any of your questions, but there’s also a dedicated support forum to help you through any troubles you may have beyond that.

You’ll get ALL of these 14 themes:

The Themes








Cool Stuff

Wedding Day


Design Portfolio





“Tesla guys asked me for a testimonial even though we have never talked to each other. There was no reason for, Tesla framework made my website’s customization so smooth that I had no questions, very clean organized.”Lothar Biebrich

“Hi guys! I’m thankful for the new look and feel my website looks today. Since I’m new in WordPress I had patient support from the team. All further customization of my webpage is so easy, very intuitive and simple to use framework.”Samantha Finch

“As a newbie in WordPress the guys at TeslaThemes helped me with every single problem I had, including theme installation. A pleasure to work with you guys, fast and prompt. Thank you all.” João Marcos Ernesto


Normally, you’ll pay $ 45 for all the themes as part of an annual subscription, or $ 35 per individual theme, but in this special collection, you’ll get all 14 themes together for just $ 19! – That’s a huge 58% savings!

Click the BUY NOW button and give the internet a more polished look!

Deal of the Week: 14 Gorgeous WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes for only $ 19!

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