LG’s curved-screen G Flex smartphone revealed in photos and video

We’ve seen rendered images of LG’s G Flex and its curved OLED display, but the device itself has proven elusive — until now. Argentinian broadcaster Telefe managed to obtain the phone for an in-studio hands-on video, and journalist Federico Ini has provided The Verge with additional photos.

According to Ini, the G Flex’s curved screen is 6 inches across, and the phone features rear-mounted buttons in a similar style to the LG G2‘s. The camera is said to be 13 megapixels, matching both the G2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Round, which has an OLED display that curves on a different axis. The G Flex is reminiscent of LG and Samsung’s curved OLED TVs, with the screen’s edges slightly turning inwards when viewed in landscape orientation.

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