Weekly Design News (N.210)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

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Worth Reading

Why Japanese Web Design Is So… Different by Randomwire
Both traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture, books and magazines are the envy of designers worldwide. Yet for some reason practically none of this mastery has been translated into websites, most of which look like they hail from around 1998.

Three Stages of Making Wireframes by Alexander Mescheryakov
Creating detailed wireframes for every screen can take time, especially when you try to solve usability issues from the start. So the author has broken the process down into three parts.

An Introduction to Node.js for Front-End Developers by Nathan Smith
This article assumes that you’re a front-end developer that uses JavaScript on a daily basis and that you’re probably comfortable with libraries like jQuery, YUI3, Backbone or AngularJS. If this is the case then transitioning to Node.js really won’t be that challenging.

A Look at Implementing HTML5 Microdata and Its Affect on Your SEO by Lewis Theobald
A topic that often comes under the limelight is that of Microdata, or Structured Data as it may also be referred to as. What is microdata, how do you use it and will it affect your SEO? These are the 3 questions this article tackles.

Good Font, Bad Font: 5 Ways To Tell The Gems From The Junk by Addison Duvall
In our article Addison takes look at 5 key rules for selecting an ideal typeface for any project, and how to determine if that font you think is amazing may not be so great after all.

A Guide to Web Components by Chris Coyier

Responsive Images – End of Year Report by Bruce Lawson

Tetris & The Power Of CSS by Heydon Pickering

Vertical Percentages in CSS by Louis Lazaris

New Resources & Services

Marvel is an awesome feature-rich free web-based tool that turns images and design files into interactive, sharable prototypes without needing to get your hands dirty with coding.

Animatron is a simple and powerful online tool that allows you to create stunning HTML5 animations and interactive content.

Frame Player
From Vagner Santana, Frame Player is a video player without video files, just JSON.

Salvattore is a library agnostic JS script that will help you organize your HTML elements according to the number of columns you specify, like jQuery Masonry.

Articlr Grid System
Articlr is a new and intuitive, easy-to-learn, 12 column grid system with tons of options for all your styling needs.

Freewall is a cross-browser and responsive jQuery plugin to help you create many types of grid layouts: flexible layouts, images layouts, nested grid layouts, metro style layouts, pinterest like layouts … with nice CSS3 animation effects and call back events.

Smoothbox is a simple, lightweight, and responsive jQuery lightbox script by Kevin Thornbloom.

Scrolld.js is a jQuery plugin that provides a method for highly precise scrolling for pixel-perfect layouts and navigation using real-time updated data values.

Visual Type Scale Calculator

Design Freebies

iOS7 GUI (Sketch)

Metro Tiles UI Kit (PSD)

The Payment System Icon Set (50 Icons in PNG, JPG & PSD Formats)

Flat Gesture Icons Pack (60 Icons in PSD & EPS)

Social Media Artwork Template (PSD)

25 Plaid Patterns (PAT)

And Finally… Some Inspiration

Ghost-Like Football Illustrations by Mark Yesilevskiy
Mark Yesilevskiy, a designer from New York, has created a series of unique football illustrations that focus solely on the particular kit teams wore on a famously successful year or moment. With a twist.

Terrific Sketchbook Works by Pierre-Yves Riveau (Pez)
Pez, a French artist, comes up with some truly amazing pieces, using only pencils!

Weekly Design News (N.210)

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