Posterama Turns Inspirational Quotes into Letter Art

The holiday season is merely a month away, so here’s another gift suggestion; this time not for reading but for hanging on your walls. Posterama is a small group focused on turning inspirational quotes into typographic art. Singapore-based cross-platform advertising creative and E-ntrepreneur Ranadip De, content curator for the collection, explained it started primarily because he loved Rudyard Kipling’s If, but couldn’t find a decent poster of it. Since then their collection has grown beyond visualisations of Kipling’s iconic poem and now includes various other posters, both typographic and hand lettered.

The latest addition is an elegant interpretation of the Here’s to the Crazy Ones created by one of advertising’s most respected and awarded creatives, Dave Dye. Apart from winning every award there is, he continues an unbroken 19-year run in the industry’s Oscars D&AD and is the only creative ever to have designed two D&AD annuals. The copy from Apple computers iconic Think Different commercial – one version features the original, extended script that never aired; the other the text from the television commercial – is set in Myriad on coloured strips.

Here’s some other nice designs from the series. Discover the complete collection on the Posterama website

A quote from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley, designed and hand-lettered by Danilo Mancini a.k.a. Sailor Danny.

An interpretation of two of the most famous famous lines from Rudyard Kipling’s epic If, written for his son, on what makes a man, a man. Designed by Posterama’s Australian friend and collaborator Bobby Haiqalsyah, who enjoys quite a fan following for his evocative hand lettering. The ornate lettering emulates vintage black-and-white movie titles.

Another interpretation by Bobby Haiqalsyah who calls his Medieval-looking piece Brave and True. The duality in the title refers to the elements in this composition that are symbolically hard and soft “because as men we need to be strong yet understanding when facing life’s tests, while caring for the people and morals we value”.

The copy by Ranadip De refers to the saying that in order to succeed you must “Want it desperately”. Illustrated and lettered by Suhaimi Saadan.

For this quote by visionary Indian business tycoon Dhirubhai H. Ambani, Southern California—born and bred designer slash art director slash history addict Mike Harpin wanted to create a feeling of determination and hope for the future. To accomplish this he used clean lettering, refined geometric shapes, and bold colors in the spirit of the Art Deco movement of the ’30s and ’40s when – in the post-war era – the general feeling of triumph and hope also began to seep into art and architecture.

The Serenity Prayer, in recent times a wildly popular tattoo amongst the young, is interpreted here by New Zealand-born art director, graphic designer and typographer Anton Hart. Wanting to do a more modern take on a classic quote, he asked himself why religious quotes need to look religious? He decided to have the three main words jump off the page to draw the viewer in to read more.

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