Weekly Design News (N.212)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

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Worth Reading

8 HTML Elements You're Not Using (and Should Be) by David Walsh
One of the best ways to start writing better markup is to replace generic tags with more expressive elements. This article takes a look at eight that you can use to step up your game.

URL Rewriting for the Fearful by Drew McLellan
This article takes you back to basics to try to make URL rewriting more understandable.

PHP: The Right Way by Josh Lockhart
This is an easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP popular coding standards, links to authoritative tutorials around the Web and what the contributors consider to be best practices at the present time.

Good vs. Great Web Design: The Difference by Sufyan bin Uzayr
Now that you are knowledgeable about typography, colors and other design aspects, it is time you moved on to ideas that can transform your good design into a great one. This article discusses those very ideas.

50 Books to Buy a Web Designer this Christmas
Whether you're seeking out a gift for the web designer on your life, or you want to drop hints about things you'd like to your significant other, you're sure to find what you're looking for among this amazing selection of books…

Front End Web Development Quiz by David Shariff
The average score is 53.78%, what score will you get?

The Evolution of the Web
The color bands in this visualization represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily.

How To Use GitHub Pages To Make Web Sites While Learning Code by Lauren Orsini

How to Not Suck at Managing Your Time by Brent Weaver

What Screens Want – Some Thoughts on Digital Canvases by Frank Chimero

How to Make an Icon Font – The 8 Step Guide by Matt Bond

An Appmaker’s Toolbox by Ed Rex
A really usefu article that gives you everything you’ll need to get from your initial idea to the App Store.

New Resources & Services

Bigfoot is a jQuery plugin that creates exceptional footnotes. Simply include the code on your pages and footnotes will be detected automatically.

Caption Hover Animations
This is an example of caption animation while hovering on images, using CSS3 transitions (no JS) and transform rules.

jQuery.creaseFont is a Plugin for jQuery to resize the Font on the whole Page or only in some Elements.

This is a tiny JS librarythat takes advantage of Bootstrap's popover to help guide your users around.

OriDomi – Fold Up DOM Elements Like Paper

Summernote – Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap

Buttons – A CSS button library built with Sass & Compass
Buttons is a fully customizable CSS button library that's built using Sass and Compass.

iconmelon lets you combine multiple open-source icon sets and create your own SVG set.


iOS7 Vector Icons (100 Icons, PSD)

Smallicons Icon Set (54 Icons, SVG, PNG, PSD)

Weather Icons (42 Icons, PSD)

Flat UI Design Kit (PSD)

Flow – Mobile App Landing Page Template (PSD)

And Finally… Some Inspiration

The Evolution of Nike Footwear
London based designer Stephen Cheetham has created a nostalgic collection of posters entitled Nike Decades. The huge illustrations series includes an iconic pair of trainers from every single year, from the 1970s through to the 2000s.

Weekly Design News (N.212)

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