This Week in Fonts

A reversed-stress face via Klim, a friendly display from Gunnar Link, a low contrast sans by Type Dynamic, a versatile collection from Commercial Type, a personable text face by Paul Barnes, a soft sans by Indian Type Foundry, a modernist script from Kyle Wayne Benson, and a geometric sans by Latinotype.

Klim: Maelstrom

Designed by Kris Sowersby

A “perverse” typeface, to be sure, but that is exactly its charm.

Gunnar Link: Donki

Designed by Gunnar Link

A friendly cursive display typeface.

Type Dynamic: Predige

A condensed and constructed sans type family, with a very low contrast.

Commercial Type: Duplicate

Designed by Miguel Reyes & Christian Schwartz

A versatile collection of typefaces comprised of three families, each in the same six weights with italics.

Commercial Type: Austin Text

Designed by Paul Barnes

A highly personable text face firmly in the English tradition.

Indian Type Foundry: Pilcrow Soft

Designed by Satya Rajpurohit

Simple and utilitarian, similar to forms found on street and highway signs around the world.

Kyle Wayne Benson: Benson Script

Designed by Kyle Wayne Benson

A script that is desperately trying to be anything but a script.

Latinotype: Arquitecta

Designed by Daniel Hernández & Miguel Hernández

A rational geometric with humanist proportions.

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This Week in Fonts

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