Markup-Service Giveaway – Winners Announced

Last weeks Markup Service giveaway ended a few days ago and it is now time to announce the winners

Here are our randomnly chosen winners:

1st Place Winner ($ 300 worth of services)

Name: Šefik Mujkić
Comment URL:

2nd Place Winner ($ 200 worth of services)

Name: Rahul Joshi
Comment URL:

Hopefully by now you would have received our winner information email, if not please get in touch with us here:

About Markup-Service


Markup-Service is a team of professionals that takes your designs and converts them into valid fast-loading XHML/CSS code. These guys are also good at JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, email templates and much more. They offer an easy ordering process, fast quality work, high level customer support, money-back and non-disclosure guarantees.

Just check out some examples of their code and what their clients have to say.

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