Personal Websites: 25 Examples for Your Design Inspiration

Personal websites are becoming increasingly popular. They can be used effectively for promotion, job searches, personal branding, and just for communicating with friends and family. These personal websites can often serve as a creative outlet and allow the site owner more freedom than they would have with a website that is tied to their business. Personal websites also allow the owner to change directions easily if their interests or purpose for the site changes at some point in the future.

In this post we’ll feature 25 examples of well-designed personal websites. This showcase presents a variety of different styles. You’ll see mostly blogs and/or social streaming sites, but there are a lot of different approaches and design styles. Some are minimal and clean, some use bright and vibrant colors, and others use more artistic and eye-catching designs. Hopefully this showcase will serve as great inspiration if you are considering designing a personal website of your own.

Brady Williams

Brady Williams

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