This Week in Fonts

An elegant script from Sudtipos, an aggressive face by Blackletra, a hand made family from Latinotype, a dynamic sans by Rui Abreu, a geometric sans from Rene Bieder, a cursive fat face by Dzianis Serabrakou, a lively script from Lián Types, a well-balanced slab by Parachute, a lovely sign painting font from Liebe Fonts, and a contemporary serif by Schwartzco.

Sudtipos: Courtesy Script

Designed by Alejandro Paul

Courtesy Script captures the elegance and propriety of finely practiced Spencerian penmanship.

Blackletra: Haltrix

Designed by Daniel Sabino

Haltrix is an aggressive and angular script.

Latinotype: Showcase

Designed by Daniel Hernández & Paula Nazal Selaive

Showcase is a hand made font consisting of four styles with a set of ornaments & dingbats.

Rui Abreu: Signo

Designed by Rui Abreu

Signo is a dynamic sans-serif with reverse contrast, designed for editorial and branding.

Rene Bieder: Campton

Designed by Rene Bieder

Campton is a simple sans-serif with a geometric skeleton.

Dzianis Serabrakou: Bouquet

Designed by Dzianis Serabrakou

Bouquet is a cursive fat typeface influenced by brush writing.

Lián Types: Dream Script

Designed by Maximiliano Sproviero

Dream Script is a lively chancery with accompanying caps inspired by Trajan.

Parachute: Bague Slab Pro

Designed by Panos Vassiliou

Bague Slab Pro is a very clean and legible typeface with a warm and well-balanced texture.

Liebe Fonts: Liebe Doris

Designed by Ulrike Wilhelm

Liebe Doris — the beauty of all-American sign painting and the meticulous craft of German engineering.

Schwartzco: Gravitas

Designed by Christian Schwartz & Dino Sanchez

Gravitas is a contemporary take on the Roman inscriptional capitals, was designed by Christian Schwartz and Dino Sanchez originally as part of their high-concept Luxury Collection.

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This Week in Fonts


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