50 Free & Premium Tumblr Themes


Tumblr has been the go to place for bloggers, inspiration finders, and creatives for years as a way of posting to the web. With that popularity came a whole culmination of themes. Themes varying from grid-based, portfolio style, and even ones specifically made for type.

Today we’ve rounded up a collection of over 50 of the best Tumblr themes, designs, and templates for you to browse through. Some of these are free, and some are commercial. We hope you find something that fits what you’re looking for!

Club Monaco – Fashion Tumblr Theme

Club Monaco is a beautiful lifestyle brand type theme that features custom images, hi-res, and a classy layout perfect for fashion and clothing brands. Not to mention it is the essence of minimal.

Price: Free

Author: Club Monaco


Readymade – Pop Culture & Art Tumblr Theme

Readymade is a fantastic theme featuring slideshows, multiple views, and a portfolio layout. It also has a whole list of other customization options including logo options, galleries, and it’s responsive.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union


UltraFocus – Minimal Tumblr Theme

UltraFocus is both minimal and responsive making it the perfect fit for a designer, photographer, or any creative.

Price: $ 19

Author: UltraLinx



Lookbook is a theme for the image curator and visual creator with a focus on beautiful, crisp images.

Price: Free

Author: Wantering


Gridly – Responsive Portfolio Tumblr Theme

Gridly is a beautiful, responsive theme that offers a perfect solution to those in need of a simple but effective portfolio.

Price: $ 18

Author: Thomas Cullen


The Minimalist – Classy Tumblr Theme

The Minimalist is a slim and classy Tumblr theme that is pure. Basic black and white with thin lines makes this theme a minimalist’s dream.

Price: Free

Author: Pixel Union



Fixed is a Tumblr theme focused on the content. Impactful posts are a huge part of this post and even text posts look beautiful.

Price: Free

Author: Andrevvm


Zen – Clean Tumblr Theme

Zen is a clear theme with a highly customizable design. It boasts beautiful text pairings and an overall flat feel to it.

Price: $ 30

Author: thomv


Quite Big – Photography Tumblr Theme

Quite Big is a Tumblr theme with an emphasis on BIG photos, photo-sets, and videos.

Price: Free

Author: George Dunkley



Brick is a basic theme for images and includes features such as infinite scrolling, social icons, and even comments by Disqus.

Price: Free

Author: thejenyuan-themes



Discover is a simple free Tumblr theme with a beautiful background image, complimented with a clean layout.

Price: Free

Author: olleotathemes


Simon – Simple Tumblr Theme

Simon is a clean and flat Tumblr theme. It has so many customization options making this one of the simplest themes to use.

Price: $ 30

Author: mikedidthis


Vintage Metro – Nostalgic Tumblr Theme

Vintage Metro is the perfect Tumblr theme for all the creatives out there who enjoy a bit of retro in their designs.

Price: $ 30

Author: thomv



Strict is a simple free Tumblr theme with some awesome design elements, like a cut off title that makes it really unique. It also includes custom colors and group blog support.

Price: Free

Author: arood


Mimesi – Creative Portfolio Theme for Tumblr

Mimesi is a beautiful Tumblr theme built for creatives. It is the perfect portfolio and has an epic, yet simple design all at once.

Price: $ 30

Author: themebull


Notes – Clean & Responsive Tumblr Theme for Beautiful Text Posts

Notes is a Tumblr theme with a cool texture design to it. Perfect for text posts and various musings.

Price: $ 30

Author: mikedidthis


Stevie – Advanced Blog Style Tumblr Theme

With a slider and sidebar plus multiple page support this is one of the more advanced Tumblr themes out there, but well worth it.

Price: $ 18

Author: Thomascullen92



Deluxe is a classy Tumblr theme with a cool layout for images and visual content.

Price: Free

Author: olleotathemes


Ellisium – Business Minded Tumblr Theme

Ellisium is basically a fully functional site, morphed into a tumblr theme for your business. It is fantastic and has some awesome color schemes.

Price: $ 30

Author: PixelMoxie



The best of the best minimal theme, scraping it down to the basics. Subtle animations and a beautiful design makes this a really amazing free theme.

Price: Free

Author: UltraLinx


Soupa – Premium Responsive Tumblr Theme

Soupa is a unique Tumblr theme emphasizing images with subtle text animations and fades to really enhance the reader’s experience.

Price: $ 18

Author: Thomascullen92


Postcards – Retro Tumblr Theme

Postcards is a beautiful theme offering hand-crafted retro elements to a simple blog layout.

Price: $ 19

Author: Mimesis Themes



Cassadaga is a free Tumblr theme offering beautiful customizations for logos, text, and general layout.

Price: Free

Author: mbacani


The New Yorker – Premium Tumblr Theme

The New Yorker is a beautiful theme with so many specificities. From texture to insanely unique layout, this is one of the coolest Tumblr themes out.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union



Rubric is a beautiful free Tumblr theme featuring a unique grid layout for your images and media-based posts.

Price: Free

Author: themestatic


Cameo – Two Tone Minimalist Theme

Cameo is a beautiful, responsive theme featuring expert design and a clean minimal layout.

Price: $ 10

Author: runrunrobot


Longform – Text Focused Tumblr Theme

Longform is a fantastic theme that is built to showcase beautiful text posts and longform content.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union



Woodely is a super customizable free Tumblr theme offering some cool textures and a fantastic image grid.

Price: Free

Author: paulborsan


Halcyon – The Prime Grid Theme for Tumblr

Halcyon is noted as the golden age of grid themes and comes with some beautiful design features making it very unique.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union


Magnify – Responsive Grid Based Theme

Magnify is a very minimal grid theme that is perfectly responsive.

Price: $ 29

Author: JenYuan



Ethanol is a unique Tumblr theme with a cool header and color palette.

Price: Free

Author: dr-slash


Plato – Colorful Tumblr Theme

Plato is a clean Tumblr theme featuring SEO optimization, HTML 5 semantics, and a whole slew of other unique details.

Price: $ 9

Author: vasilis


Typistry – Minimal, Pure Text Tumblr Theme

Typistry is the actual extent of minimal with some of the best typography for any Tumblr theme around.

Price: $ 19

Author: ColeTownsend



Masonite is a clean and organized free Tumblr theme.

Price: Free

Author: hellodirty


Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a minimal grid theme that features infinite scroll.

Price: Free

Author: level82


Encore – Slim & Classy Tumblr Theme

Encore is a theme stripped down to the basics, keeping it slim and classy as ever.

Price: $ 30

Author: JenYuan


Premier – Responsive Tumblr Theme with Sticky Navigation

Premier is a theme featuring some beautiful colors, classic styles, and an awesome layout.

Price: $ 30

Author: JenYuan


Crate – Smooth Two Column Tumblr Theme

Crate is a very smooth and simple theme with excellent, subtle design flares.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union


Spin Madly On

Spin Madly On is a very simple, one column theme featuring some clean and organized design aspects.

Price: Free

Author: mbacani


Next – Sophisticated Tumblr Theme

Next is a clean and responsive theme with a darker theme to it.

Price: $ 16

Author: WoxThemes



Observer is a free Tumblr theme to focus on the images, text, and music.

Price: Free

Author: zsultan



Inkhorn is a simplistic and handsome Tumblr Theme.

Price: Free

Author: inkhorntheme


Maximalist – Very Unique Tumblr Theme

Maximalist is a very interesting Tumblr theme that focuses solely on the content.

Price: $ 29

Author: Pixel Union


Mason – Masonry Based Tumblr Theme

Mason is an organized and beautifully-laid out Tumblr theme.

Price: $ 30

Author: mikedidthis


Expo – Gorgeous Lightweight Tumblr Theme

Expo is a clean and light Tumblr theme with no complication or clutter.

Price: $ 30

Author: Pixel Union


Sisko – Versatile Tumblr Theme

Sisko is clean and versatile. It is the type of Tumblr theme that could double as a portfolio or a blog.

Price: $ 30

Author: GraphicMonkee


Royal Cameleon

Royal Cameleon is a beautiful and unique Tumblr theme with some rad textures.

Price: Free

Author: goroboto


Platro – Responsive Grid Tumblr Theme

Platro is a really unique responsive theme with a colorful grid of images.

Price: $ 30

Author: qwillar


Railway – Blogger Tumblr Theme

Railway is a responsive theme perfect for bloggers and creatives alike.

Price: $ 16

Author: WoxThemes


Metro – Minimal Gradient Based Tumblr Theme

Metro is a clean and minimal Tumblr theme with some unique design elements such as gradients.

Price: $ 30

Author: JenYuan


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