14 Amazing Folding Business Cards

Business card is something that every business man uses when he meets with new businessmen or other persons to discuss business deals. A business card is his introduction that speaks about his business and nature of work. Therefore, creative and inspiring business card design is of great importance. One cannot neglect the importance and impact a creative and inspiring business card can make on the future clients.
In this round up, you will discover 14 extremely inspiring and visually alluring folding business cards for your inspiration. Here is the complete list after the jump. Feel free to share your opinion and suggestions with us via comment section below. Enjoy!


Fold Out Business Card

Curriculum Vitae Designs

Foldin Card

Easel Business Card

Laptop Business Card

Mr Duke Business Cards

Business Card

Folded Business Card

Yellow Duck PR Business Card

New Business Cards, Screenprinted And Folded!

Casabella Furniture Sofa


We Are Designers-Business Cards

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