A collection of amazing shopping bag designs

Shopping bag designs are too often overlooked in the branding or marketing strategies of companies. The bags you’ll see in this post should convince you that designing great marketing material that will be carried by your customers is a great idea.

1. The invisible rope

The awesome part about this bag? It looks like you are using the force to carry it.


2. Carrying a gun

I will not enter in a debate about gun laws, but this bag make you look quite badass.


3. Stop’n grow

Nail biting illustrated on this shopping bag. A great advertising for this product.


4. Give me your hand

Greenpeace invites you to give animals a hand with some powerful shopping bag designs.


5. Jumping rope

A clever idea for a bag that lets you put people in action with a jumping rope.


6. Beer

Ashamed of holding a simple bag? Make it look like your bringing a pack of beer back home with one of the most clever shopping bag designs.


7. Volunteers bag

First step of becoming a volunteer is to carry this great bag and try to convince others to help.


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