10 Stylish Free Full Screen jQuery Slideshow

Are you looking for some stunning jQuery slideshows? If your answer is yes then look no further; because here we are presenting 10 truly beautiful and stunning websites that showcase full screen jQuery slideshow. These websites show that you can also integrate jQuery slideshow in such a way that it can cover the whole screen while presenting the content of your website in a very nice and visually alluring manner.
Here is the complete list after the small jump. We hope that you will like this collection and find these websites useful for you. We just have compiled this collection for your inspiration only. Do let us know what you feel about this collection. Enjoy!

SIDEWAYS–jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery

A simple, yet elegant fullscreen image gallery created with the jQuery library and CSS. The gallery features fullscreen images in various modes and custom scrollbars.

jQuery HTML5 Fullscreen Slideshow

This jQuery plugin lets you create fullscreen galleries where the slides are shown on the entire screen using the fullscreen APIs provided by Firefox 10+ and Chrome 15+ (and possibly Safari 5.1+).

Simple jQuery Fullscreen Image Gallery

A fullscreen image gallery made with jQuery and CSS. The gallery features fullscreen images in various modes and custom thumbnail scrolling script.

Supersized Fullscreen Slideshow

Supersized is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library.

Advanced jQuery background image slideshow

Here you will learn how to create a beautiful advanced jQuery background image slideshow.

Photo Swipe

PhotoSwipe is a FREE HTML/CSS/JavaScript based image gallery specifically targeting mobile devices.

Fullscreen Video Slideshow With Bigvideo.JS

A tutorial about how to create a slideshow-like fullscreen video background using BigVideo.js, a jQuery plugin for big background video.

Animated Fullscreen Background Image Slideshow

Here With the help of some small HTML, nifty CSS and loads of jQuery, we’re able to create an animated fullscreen background image slideshow.

Fullscreen Slideshow With Html5 Audio And Jquery

In this tutorial we’ll create a fullscreen photo slideshow to illustrate a New York picture series. We will add sounds with the HTML5 audio element in order to give life to the gallery and try to recreate the ambient of this vibrant city.


Full Screen Image Slideshow is a cool slideshow that uses jQuery and PHP to display large images from a directory automatically and using the entire browser window as its canvas! Thumbnails of every image is shown at the bottom of the slideshow for easy viewing on demand.

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