Wu-Tang Clan fans pooling $5 million to buy sole copy of the group’s next album

There’s truly a Kickstarter project for just about everything. Case in point: a new fundraising effort to pool together $ 5 million to buy the upcoming Wu-Tang Clan album, which the group is planning make available to only one lucky person. Last month, Wu-Tang Clan member Robert “RZA” Digg described the album, called The Wu — Once Upon a Time In Shaolin, as a true collectors item, something equivalent to “having the scepter of an Egyptian king.” The group’s already been offered $ 5 million for it, putting it well out of the reach of normal humans. And that’s not sitting well with two twenty-somethings from California and Utah, who have taken to Kickstarter to raise those funds collectively, then distribute the album to backers:

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