Designers team up with Webydo to revolution the web

The world wide web, a technology that has come to dominate many aspects of our lives, is undergoing considerable change. While this change may seem largely superficial at first, upon further investigation, it proves quite the opposite. It comes in the form of fluid graphic design and expertly crafted structural layouts. You can witness it firsthand by visiting any one of the countless websites created by today’s skillful web designers. So what is it that has inspired and enable this sweeping change? As it turns out, a combination of impressive new technology and like-minded designers has formed the perfect storm for the web’s recent facelift. One such platform to keep an eye on and that already more than 81K creative professionals are creating their clients sites on is Webydo.


The Design Revolution

Feeding off the marked improvements associated with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, web creationists have spurred a revolution. Instead of the clunky layouts of old laden with archaic technologies like flash and static tables, websites are now dawning fresh, fluid designs. These designs are focused on elegance and efficiency. The elegance is a natural byproduct of the improvements to the underlying code that allows designers to push the boundaries of graphic design on the web. Efficiency on the other hand is born out of necessity to sate the growing, web hungry mobile population.

This revolution is similarly twofold. Not only has the underlying web technology grown and matured, but the very platforms upon which designers create their beautiful works has also evolved. Steadily distancing itself from the standard process involving the always fragile developer, designer relationship, a new method has arisen that gives designers full control. Thanks to new technology from the brilliant minds atWebydo, this kind of code-free web development without sacrificing capability is no longer a pipedream.

Design Takes Center Stage

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second here. Who’s responsible for the vast majority of web content exposed to the end user? Who lays out the structure and flow of a web site with painstaking detail making sure every element fits in its proper place? Who paints the digital canvas with wonderfully creative and colorful designs that grab the users imagination and expresses ideas much too difficult for words? It’s certainly not to the fine folks building code all day.

While we don’t want to discredit the difficult and clearly important work done by software developers behind the scenes, the point here is that designers should take the leading role in web development given the extent to which their work impacts the end user. By removing the need to funnel all design elements through the potentially damaging interpretation of developers, professional web designers can regain full control and freedom over their projects. The results of this design centric web development are powerful.


The World Wide Webydo

Word of this design revolution is making waves too. One of the areas in which Webydo strives to separate itself from the crowd is its involvement with the community. Webydo calls upon the design community at large to assist in shaping the future of the platform and an overall better designed web for all. This community of well over 81,000 professional designers can pitch in their two cents as the Webydo team bounces ideas and potential features off their collective brain.

In practice, this method of community involvement leads to faster innovation and a generally better-rounded web design platform. For instance, rather than simply sit in a design meeting where a handful of developers mull over potential platform features that may or may not be truly useful, Webydo reaches out to its burgeoning community. These seasoned design professionals in-turn combine their collective industry experience to ensure Webydo, as a design platform, continues to drive innovation in the areas that matter most to web designers.


Not only does Webydo equip designers with everything necessary to produce cutting edge, professional web sites, but it also presents solutions for all of the post production tasks. Things like client billing, site management, and domain hosting can all be accomplished with ease from within the expansive Webydo.

Ultimately Webydo has given modern web design professionals an all-inclusive platform for building a better web. By removing the bottlenecks to creativity associated with developer focused web creation, the Webydo platform enables true freedom of design. In addition, the community led initiatives developed by the Israel based company help strengthen the bond between designers and the software they use. These innovations have sparked a web design revolution that promises to change the face of the web and let designers do what they do best. Create a website with Webydo and experience what it feels like to unleash your creative freedom today.


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