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Designing an WordPress site can be tough: there are hundreds of small things that you need to get just right, no matter how small, if you want to get the most out of your website. If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll know that there are a huge range of themes out there. The choice of which theme to select for your website is entirely down to you.

Win a One Year Subscription Giveaway from

We are proud to announce yet another amazing giveaway where 3 winners will have a chance to win One Year Developer Memberships of ElegantThemes WordPress Themes Club (Yalue of $ 89 each). Continue reading to learn how you can win one.

About ElegantThemes

ElegantThemes is a WordPress themes site where you can find high quality themes at convenient prices, such as a bundle of 87 for only $ 69. Having more than 200 thousand customers and many years of experience, it’s a reliable source for professional and I may say revolutionary themes for the most popular blogging platform on the web.

Divi 2.0

The Divi 2.0 theme appears to be a completely new paradigm in terms of themes, and since the original version release five months ago, it has raised a great deal of attention. Its perks include high versatility, and a lot of “new”.

Divi's Option

More on point, Divi’s target is to revolutionize web design for good. It may sound ambitious, but apparently it has all the tools needed to make this come true. First of all, it doesn’t require code at all. I know we all thought WordPress alone was to solve this back in the day, but Divi makes possible 100%. It basically turns the dashboard into a “wysiwyg” construction site, with all the elements being changeable and inter-changeable to virtually no limit. Needless to say that limitless versatility leads to limitless possibilities, so regardless of the nature of the site you have mind, be it a store or a blog, Divi will get you to it.

Divi's Feature

The changes brought by Divi 2.0 add new styling effects to the table, with a new header concept, re-thought navigation and some extra layout options for even more flexibility.

Divi Layout

Divi's Feature

The Giveaway

To try out this theme, use the neat script in the section below, and we will make sure to choose three winners at the end of this promotion. The subscription is priced at $ 89 for one year, and it comes full packed with updates included. Best of luck!

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