“Learn Version Control with Git” Giveaway – Winners Announced

Last weeks Learn Version Control with Git ebook giveaway has ended today, and it is now time to announce our randomnly chosen winners.

The Winners

Name: Reggie Puksta
Comment URL: http://speckyboy.com/learn-version-control-with-git/#comment-1401788097

Name: Joshua Canfield
Comment URL: http://speckyboy.com/learn-version-control-with-git/#comment-1401629787

Name: The Church State Guy
Comment URL: http://speckyboy.com/learn-version-control-with-git/#comment-1401365309

Name: Matthew Crawley
Comment URL: http://speckyboy.com/learn-version-control-with-git/#comment-1401008543

Name: Andrea Z
Comment URL: http://speckyboy.com/learn-version-control-with-git/#comment-1400831270

By now you should have received your winner information email from us, if not please do get in touch with us here: mail@speckyboy.com.

About the Book:

Learn Version Control with Git ebook

Version Control is an essential tool in today’s web and software world and a fundamental part of the workflow in teams large and small. However, despite its growing popularity, many designers and developers do not use Git, yet. With its beginner-friendly step-by-step course, “Learn Version Control with Git” is the perfect way to get started with Git.

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