Depositphotos Competition – Winners Announced

Last weeks Depositphotos Competition ended a few days ago, and it is now time to announce our randomnly chosen winners. Here they are:

The Winners

Name: Alex Saez
Comment URL:

Name: Evan Deerfield
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Name: Nathan E Ball
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By now you should have received your winner information email from us, if not please do get in touch with us here:

About Depositphotos

Depositphotos homepage screenshot

Depositphotos is a stock photography and video website that sells images across multiple categories under a royalty-free license. They work with photographers, illustrators and videographers so that they can sell their stock products through a subscription and single-order credit plan.

With its current collection of 20 millions photos, vectors and video files, and considering Depositphotos was created in 2009, they are the fastest growing microstock in the industry.

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