8 geeky jokes that will make you chuckle

Sometimes designers just need to relax and laugh a little. These images should help you with that.

1. Talking to art students

A cruel, but kind of realistic joke.


2. Coding in college and for your job

In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice there is.


3. Usernames in real life

Luckily your name is not picked the same way as online account usernames. Illustration and joke by Pacificrock.com.au.


4. Social media explained

Probably the best explanation of each social network, the one about Google+ made me laugh.


5. Spare time

That’s why web developers should fear optic fiber. Also, what excuses do we have as graphic designers? Via Eviljaymz.com.


6. User friendly Internet Explorer

If only Internet Explorer would do the only task we use it for better.


7. Password security

A comic, but actually some good advice for better password security. Via XKCD.


8. Vintage social networking

How social networking worked before social networks.


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